Point Shop 2 Trading Guide - Important

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This is a quick overview going over general trading practices using the Point Shop 2 trading system. Prices fluctuate so it's best to ask around (which means more than 1-2 people) and determine your own price point for any item you attempt to sell or are looking to trade for.

Primary Weapons

- These generally will be listed between 500 k - 3 million.
- Some primary weapons are highly sought after and will have a higher value due to this.
- The most expensive primaries are the ORANGE rares from the Space Crate, Galaxy Crate, & Cosmic Crate.

Secondary Weapons

- These generally will be listed between 100 k - 500 k.
- They are less desired than Primary Weapons thus have lower value.

Special Weapons

- Special weapons may have a wide range of price points.
- Special weapon examples include smokes and the anniversary gun.


- You can determine the Point Shop 2 price point you wish to list your item for.
- If you can't sell your item for the amount you seek, it is advisable to either wait or sell lower.
- After a Buyer buys your item, the trade is complete and you no longer will have access to said item.


- Ultimately the seller will determine the amount you will pay for your item for the final agreement between you both.
- Do not harass any sellers but you may bargain with them to attempt to have them lower their price point.
- After you complete your trade with the Seller, it is final.


- Trades are to only be done with Point Shop 2 points or other Point Shop 2 items.
- If any other means of trading is performed between you and another party, the server will bare no responsibility to assist you in recovering any losses.
- In the event you by mistake sell a rare to the Point Shop, the server will not refund you for your loss (pending the situation).
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