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Useful Commands - !contracts, !cross, !menu, !motd, !ps, !report, !respond, !spraytracker, !steam, !taunts

Server Rules

1. Staff has final say on all punishments and reports.

a. If you do not agree with a decision a staff member has made towards you, utilize the forums.

b. You may make a ban appeal if you feel you were wrongfully banned.

c. You may report a staff member for abuse only if you possess proof.

2. Do not RDM.

a. Do not revenge kill. Report players that RDM you instead.

b. Do not prop kill as innocent unless you are prop killing a known traitor.

c. Do not kill ANY players with props while in spectator mode (despite whatever your living role was).

d. If your actions result in any other player's death with no just cause, that counts as RDM.

e. Crossfire RDM or killing a player while aiming for a different player is still RDM even if unintentional.

f. Revenge RDM is punishable by up to 2 auto-slays.

g. If multiple reports are made during a Pile-Up (Chain) RDM and you are responsible for causing it, you may receive up to a max of 2 slays.

h. Being killed by the Nuke (The Redeemer) by a traitor is not considered RDM. You may still receive an automatic Karma ban.

i. If you perform any action that may cause a traitor buddy's death, you must warn them (Banana Bomb, Holy Hand Grenade, Traitor Traps, Etcetera).

3. Do not use excessive r-rated language.

a. It’s fine to curse or swear but not in a rude way constantly.

b. The word “Nigga” is fine, but the words “N****r”, “Jew”, “Cracker”, “Chink”, etc are not allowed.

c. Attempting to bypass racism rules via implying racism through letter switching (Nate Higgers) may result in the same punishment.

4. Do not harrass/troll/flame/spam or grief other players or staff.

a. Do not mic spam, chat spam, or use voice changers that cause your voice to be unclear or garbled to others.

b. Keep in-game jokes to in-game and realize when enough is enough (poking fun should never turn into full out harassment).

c. Excessively targeting a specific player in a negative manner is considered harassment.

5. Do not exploit, hack, or use scripts.

a. Do not abuse your model's hitboxes (knowing that it has no head hit box or bugged animations during crouch jumping but using it anyway).

b. Do not use macros, external programs, or any other method to gain an unfair advantage over other players.

c. Being caught using any exploit or program to intentionally hurt the server is a permanent ban.

d. Do not use unintended weaponry in weapon specific Special Rounds.

e. You must possess the Counter-Strike Source textures (even if you don't own the game itself).

6. Do not ghost.

a. You can tell your T-buddies to revive you but not your body location.

b. When you are dead, you must not communicate any information to any living player aside from what is written above.

7. Do not have gross, crude, erotic, or gorey sprays.

a. Memes that imply sexual situations are okay.

b. Erotic or sexually suggestive imagery is not.

8. Do not advertise other products or servers.

a. Do not advertise any other servers or use time spent within any avenue of this community (Discord, Garry's Mod, etc) to sell any kind of product.

b. Any deviations to the above also apply.

9. Do not impersonate staff/players, have a Non-KOS'able name or change identity mid-round.

a. Do not ask to be staff.

b. Do not change your name mid-round. It changes your known identity and breaks immersion.

c. If you are interested in staff, apply on the forums, per meeting the written requirements.

d. You may never impersonate a staff member of the server. You may see the current staff list by typing !motd.

e. Do not intentionally impersonate another player of the server.

f. You may be asked to change your steam name while in-game if it causes ample confusion (inability to call you out as a traitor).

g. If your name consists of a single or multiple symbols to the point that affects players being able to KOS you through chat or voice, you may be kicked in order to change it.

10. Do not prop surf.

a. Prop surfing is not KOS'able.

b. If after being warned, you do not comply, you will be slain or kicked accordingly.

c. You may get to normally inaccesible but within map boundary zones using any D or T weapon.

d. Don't exploit outside the map with the Grappling Hook, No Fire Damage, Shield Gun, Thunder Thighs, or any other D or T shop item.

11. Do not claim an area unless you are a traitor.

a. Traitors may claim rooms against innocent players (in order to kill them as they pass through) as long as this room claim isn't a delaying tactic.

b. Any innocent claiming a room and killing others with no KOS'able proof is RDM.

12. Do not door spam, prop block, or body block.

a. Body, door, or prop blocking must be made aware to Admins by informing them through @ and never taken into a player's own hands (via RDM).

b. Remember, this is a general rule, so warning a player to not do these things and them not complying is NOT a KOS'able act.

13. Do not kill on suspicion only.

a. Do not meta-game.

b. If 2 unprovens are left, they are allowed to be pinned against each other to the death to determine the traitor.

c. Do not use traitor counting as a means to kill anyone.

d. You may KOS the final traitor by use of radar.

e. Point Shop 2 Accessories despite how obvious they may be, fall under suspicion and are not KOS'able.

14. Do not KOS by location, gun, mic noises, or playermodel.

a. You may place suspicion on a player for the reasons stated above.

b. You must be extremely clear that you are not KOS'ing said player if placing them under suspicion.

c. You must see a player do one of the KOSABLE ACTS listed below or have DNA on them to execute an official KOS.

d. As stated in 13e, accessories are not KOS'able. They are considered part of your player model.

15. Do not use traitor traps as innocent.

a. Innocents may use traitor weapons found from dead traitors against other traitors.

b. Innocents are responsible for any innocent deaths (RDM) due to traitor weapon use.

16. You must ask players if they agree to be shot with a golden deagle.

a. You must ask for permission to test a player. If the player says no you must respect it but may place high suspicion on the player for refusing the test.

b. You may shoot KOS’ed players with the golden deagle or players attempting to kill other players.

17. In situations where you are likely to take damage, you are liable for said damage.

a. Running into an already burning Incendiary Grenade.

b. Running in front of your Traitor Buddy while they are fighting an Innocent.

c. Running in front of a fellow innocent while they are fighting a Traitor.

18. If you excessively delay a round even after administrative warning, you may be slain for doing so.

a. Grapple hooking around the map as traitor or innocent without being accessible (as an innocent) or attacking (as a traitor).

b. Deciding not to do anything as a traitor to risk putting yourself in jeopardy (killing no one the whole round).

c. Camping during Special Rounds (causing delay or an unfair advantage).

19. If someone gets hit for damage with no indication to kill, it is up to the affected to call a KOS on the 2nd player.

a. Killing a player that damages another player with a crowbar counts as RDM if they are not yet revealed as a Traitor Role.

b. If a player is AFK, they are unable to defend themselves or call their own KOS so the third player in that case may kill the attacker for minor damage.

c. Rule #19 primarily applies to melee weapons.

20. Do not paste links to files in chat.

a. Audiences of our community consist of multiple age groups and certain material may be deemed offensive if it contains adult-like or other inappropriate content.

21. Do not entity spam or you will be slain, kicked, or banned.

a. Staff ranks will use what ever command is the most effective available to them to stop spam (Kick or Slay on first offense).

b. Entity spam examples include spamming Home Run Bats during Special Rounds or dropping Ammo excessively during any type of round.

c. Staff DOES NOT have to warn you before punishing you if the server's health is in jeopardy due to your actions.

KOSable Acts

1. They are KOS’d.

a. A KOS called by a known traitor on an Innocent player is automatically void, and following through with said KOS is punishable.

b. If you follow a KOS you must know the name of who issued it. If you can't remember and no one else can, in the circumstance of potential RDM resulting from such, you are responsible.

2. They called a false KOS.

a. The player KOS'ed is already proven.

b. A player that was previously KOS'ed is found, identified, and turn out to be innocent.

3. They admit to being a Traitor.

a. You cannot KOS someone who says that they used a T pass or got the Man-of-the-Match Traitor reward in pre-round.

b. You cannot KOS someone based on sounds you hear from their mic that are not their voice (meta-gaming) such as the initial round start contract noise.

4. Prop kill, or attempted prop kill.

a. This includes being damaged by a prop.

b. Prop killing a known traitor is not KOS'able.

5. They have a traitor weapon.

a. Even if the player calls out that they have a T weapon, they can still be killed for holding it out.

b. Using an Advanced Disguiser to impersonate a detective CAN be KOSable.

6. They are AFK in overtime.

a. Just because a player is standing still for a second or two does not mean they are AFK.

b. Please wait a reasonable time before assuming said player is AFK.

7. They are in, entering, or exiting a T room.

a. Any player aside from the detective exiting a T room is able to be KOS'ed.

b. Players entering into the T room are by default assumed to be traitors aside from detectives.

8. They won’t ID a body after being warned.

a. If a player is in a room with three or more unidentified bodies, they can be KOS’d without warning.

b. A player that has not moved from their pre-round spawn or performed any action since round start is immune to this act and must not be killed by detectives or innocents.

c. Be sure your warning is loud and clear towards who you want to ID the body. Only one warning is necessary. Give ample time to ID.

9. They aid traitors as an Innocent.

a. Throwing unidentified bodies out of the map. (less confirmed deaths)

b. Breaking detective equipment or the T tester.

c. Watching someone commit a traitorous act, and not taking action. (KOSing them, shooting at them, etc.)

d. Withholding evidence from a detective (I.E. Taking a body a Detective is trying to get DNA from, and throwing it out of the map.)

10. They threw an incendiary grenade in to players.

a. Throwing incendiary grenades outside the map is not KOS'able.

b. Causing or attempting to cause any damage to any player is.

c. Throwing an incendiary grenade into the vicinity of other players is KOS'able.

11. They threw a discombob grenade by a high area.

a. Throwing a discombobulated grenade in any heightened area that can potentially cause damage to the affected player is KOS'able.

b. On maps without high ledges that may result in damage or death, you may not KOS for discombob throwing.

12. They are T-baiting.

a. Shooting that could possibly be towards a player.

b. Shooting directly up or down, or at a wall away from other players is not T-baiting.

c. Carrying an explosive around other players is T baiting.

d. Walking towards an innocent with a Remote Sticky Bomb inside you after being warned is T-baiting.


Map Specific Rules (click to expand)

Airbus - Activating turret traps are KOSable.

Crummy Cradle - The keycard traps are KOSable.

Goldenplix Prison - Being caught performing any aspect of completing the instant traitor win is KOSable.

Minecraft b5 - Only getting rid of the GOLDEN block is KOSable.

Minecraft City Night - The traitor rooms are Non-KOS'able as non-traitors can open them.

Nether - The traitor rooms are KOS'able but detectives may use their items to gain access to them.

Richland - All of the traps on the map are KOSable.

Rooftops - Do not exploit behind the construction site. Force testing with the axe is considered RDM.

Simple Fixed - The Newton Launcher is NOT KOSable.

Traitor Industries - Activating turret traps are KOSable.

Waterworld - Opening the soda machine Traitor room door is kosable.

Suspicious Acts

1. They walk past an un-ID'd body.

2. They refuse to enter a T tester.

3. They do not respond to a livecheck.

4. They follow you around the map.

5. Not killing a KOS'd player.

6. They are the last player seen by a body.

7. They call sus on proven players.

8. They faced a T Only trap as it activates.

9. They refuse a Golden Deagle test.

10. They refuse to use a portable tester.

11. They falsely call themselves proven.