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Hello. Look at this thread as a sort of help desk. This is the first place to turn before you decide to go a step further to ask for further assistance.

Look at this as the "Help Desk" such as when you call somewhere and you are redirected by an operator with choices. This is the Q&A board essentially.

Common Questions & Answers

Q: Help! Why can't I see any textures when playing on most maps on the server!?

A: You are missing CSS (Counter Strike Source) which is required for nearly 100% of Garry's Mod game modes. You may find that here.

Q: I don't have that much money for a game I'll never play just to play one I actually do want to play! Do I really need that?

A: We provide a tutorial created by @Im Old Greg that will help you with an alternative method. You may find that here.

Q: I'm still missing textures even after having CSS (or CSS textures) installed! Why is that?

A: Be sure you have "Allow all custom files from server" selected in the Other tab located within the Garry's Mod options menu.

Q: I can't load into the server! It just gets stuck at "sending client info". What do I do?

A: This is generally caused by one of the games you have mounted having an update causing it to break with Garry's Mod. Remember, the only game you ever need to have mounted is CSS. That is all that is required to play on our server in full. Follow the screenshots below to troubleshoot if this is the cause of your issue.

Q: My Garry's Mod won't launch at all! What do I do?

A: This is most likely caused by you needing to "Verify The Integrity of your Game Files". This is quite easy to do.

Q: I followed all the steps above and everything still seems wonky or just isn't working properly!

A: Another common cause of poor or broken server performance client-side (on your end) is that you are subscribed to too many workshop items for Garry's Mod. A healthy size of subscriptions is between 1-5 pages total. If you find yourself having issues loading in and happen to be subscribed to 50 pages of workshop content, that is most likely your issue right there. Decide whether to unsub to all, starting yourself fresh, cherry pick, or only keep what you need such as our TTT collection.

Q: How do I enter the game to play with everyone!? I'm stuck in spectator mode! I want to play!
Will you please help me?

A: All you need to do to leave spectator mode is press f1, go to Settings, and uncheck the box that says "Spectate-only mode". We recommend you set yourself to spectator if you plan to be on the server yet will not be participating for more than one round. There is an auto-spectate system in place but keep in mind, being AFK for one round or more during a full server could lead to you being kicked to free up space. You are always free to rejoin in that case, however!

Q: I believe I was RDM'ed but I'm not really sure? What should I do?

A: Press f4 to access the damage + shot logs post round or report the player that killed you if you are extremely certain they actually did RDM you.

Q: What is this "PointShop" thing everyone keeps talking about?

A: The "PointShop" as you may have heard it be called, is the system we use to allow players to equip things such as accessories or other items earned while playing the server. You will passively and actively collect points depending on actions you do in-game such as consistently completing contracts, how well you do as an innocent, traitor, detective, or whether or not it happens to be a Double Point Weekend when you happen to be on. If your Point Shop happens to be broken, refer to the following thread for further help.

Q: What's the point of me ranking up anyway? Isn't it just a title?

A: The higher your rank, the more point shop points you'll receive for completing contracts. Per each Ulx-rank, you increase in, you will receive an extra 100 point shop points per contract kill as well as some higher time ranks may have access to restricted point shop items. These increments end around TTTGod or the NoLife rank. This means, even non-donators eventually are able to reach the same gains off of contract kills as those with donator ranks. You may check your time in comparison to all other players by pressing the f8 key by default.

There are some things missing from here but I don't feel they're as essential to experiencing the server to the fullest so I'll include them here in my close.

  • There is a contracts leaderboard that may be accessed by typing !contracts or /contracts in chat.
  • To enter the spectator deathmatch while you are dead, all you need to do is type !dm into the chat. There is also a deathmatch stats panel which may be accessed by pressing f7.
  • If you have suggestions for the server, post in here:
  • If you have questions that I have not covered in my thread, post them in here:

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