Player Model Request Info

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♡The Mom♡
Please stick to these requirements when choosing a player model:
  • The model must be humanoid (stands on two legs, has defined limbs and head, etc.)
  • The model must be at least as tall as the Miku models.
  • The model must not be NSFW (nudity is not allowed)
  • The file size must be at or below 5mb in size.
  • The model must have the proper hitboxes:
*Please note that we will NOT add a player model until it has a proper TTT head hit-box, that meaning that it is able to be affected by the TTT Headshot Multiplier which allows headshots to occur.​

  • Many models in the workshop are what is called auto-generated when it comes down to hit-boxes, which means they generally lack a head hitbox (needed for headshots).
  • By providing multiple possible models, we may find one with the proper hitboxes which will drastically cut down your wait time on receiving your model.
  • If your model lacks the necessary hitboxes you may choose to wait, but realize since we must manually edit your chosen model, the wait may be indefinite.
This is why providing multiple models to us for what you'd like is in your best interest!

We will do our best to notify you if your model does lack a proper head hitbox quickly.

Thank you for your understanding!
Not open for further replies.