How to Record Your Game-play


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Hello. Look at this thread as a resource for both staff and players to have some options for recording their gameplay.

This will mainly focus on Shadowplay (Share or whatever NVIDIA calls it nowadays), ReLive (AMD Software), and OBS (Open Source Broadcasting Software). Other recording programs will be mentioned briefly.

Let's Begin with checking if you have an NVIDIA or AMD card. This will be illustrated with pictures, and some text if necessary.

If you have an AMD card shown in the "Direct X Diagnostic Tool" shown above, this video may help with installing their equivalent to ShadowPlay:

If you DO NOT have an AMD card listed above there, continue on past this video with the rest of the provided tutorial for NVIDIA and other methods.

If you happen to have an NVIDIA card, follow the steps below:

After installation, if it doesn't launch automatically for whatever reason (not sure if it even would do so):

NOTE: To edit the settings, "Instant Replay" must be turned off initially.

5 minutes will generally be long enough to catch any possible mischevious activity taking place. Going lower than that may not provide all the evidence you may need.

If you don't have either of those graphics cards finding recording free recording software that won't bog down your pc won't be as easy.

OBS will work and most people are familiar with it (anyone that has ever streamed before really) but can be resource intensive so may not be worth it.

You type into your web search bar (I used Google Chrome for example):

You click on a button that looks like this:

If none of what is above are viable options, I will link some resources below for additional choices.

It seems they recommend as an alternative choice. I'd say try that out if OBS isn't for you and you do not have an NVIDIA or AMD card.

To close this out, I'll give some examples of why this may be something worth looking into for you.
  • Recording allows you to not only help yourself but also to catch possible major things going down that would otherwise be difficult to prove (a player saying something in traitor voice chat where only he and you can hear it and it's unsettling or threatening).
  • You get prop killed or killed in a way by a player that they deny and the logs don't show they were the culprit.
  • If something does have to go to the forums, you have some evidence to really show what you say is true.
  • Maybe you want to save a badass traitor round you've had to show to the community.
  • ...Or a great detective round where you got everyone's DNA and were straight up unstoppable.
That's all for now. Feel free to leave any feedback you may have about the subject on this thread! Thanks!

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