9/30/2018 - Map Additions, Weapon Changes, & Other Updates!



It's been around half a month since our last update. Since then, we have mainly added maps but have also done other changes meant to increase the server's accessibility to all despite whatever kind of rig you may be working with.

General Changes:

- Added Cobalt Disruption Special Round
- Added Galaxy Cat Special Round

- Added Nova Koi Special Round
- Added Spartan Kick to the Traitor Shop.

- Changed the Bullet Noise of the OK47 to sound less like bullets to prevent RDM (Med Kit, Revive Kit, Etcetera)
- Increased Round Count from 6 to 8 so that people with slow internet or slow computers spend more time playing and less time loading in.
- Made activating the turrets on Traitor Industries, KOS'able.

Map Changes:
- Added ttt_mc_tcannon

- Added ttt_amsterville

- Replaced our current ttt_subway_b4 with ttt_subway_ag
- Added ttt_traitorville_b2
- Added ttt_storehouse_b7
- Added ttt_datmap_v2b
- Added ttt_toon_ville_v_2
- Added gm_guardians (Halo 3 Map)
- Added gm_thepit (Another Halo 3 Map)
- Added ttt_minecraft_snowden
- Added ttt_cod_stalingrad
- Added mcmistyswamp
- Added halo_zanzibar (Was a popular Halo 2 map)
- Added ttt_mcplanetnamek

- Replaced ttt_community_pool_revamped with ttt_community_pool_2017_b10

Weapon Changes:

- Added Remington to Map Spawns

Final Words:

Stay Tuned for some more updates coming soon! Not to spoil anything but...



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