9/17/2018 - Foreword - Addition of Blade Mail, Prisma, Finger Print & More!



As you are able to tell, we are now on a completely new forum with the other message board completely erased. While this was due to no doing of our own, former members we trusted to not harm the community that still had access into some small parts of the server (mainly the forums) decided to perpetrate these actions using their own hands.

Let's look at this as a way we all can start fresh, anew, and move forward to a much brighter community and future.

Today's update features a few custom weapons as well as a few workshop weapons. We also have removed the Vector due to its massive file size, sitting at 77 Megabytes. We as always, are looking to continually not only optimize server performance but the time it takes players to load in as well.

Blade Mail:

The way the new traitor weapon blade mail works is that it will reflect all damage the traitor receives back unto his or her attackers until the blade mail wears off. To make such a thing not overpowered, the traitor themselves if attacking while under the effects of blade mail is able to do no damage whatsoever to potential victims. This is a utility item, straight and simple to be used effectively when the time arises.

The blade mail is a dagger with hues of red that when used, will disappear from the traitor's grasp as well as cause a loud noise as well as an animation that surrounds their body. This will warn any innocents to wait it out. The best traitors will be able to bait out headshots from innocents that are just in it for the Killshot.


The next traitor weapon to announce is Prisma, inspired by the Rainbow Six Siege ability. It allows a traitor to place down a doppelganger that when shot or walked into by an innocent player or detective that will flashbang their screen as well as reveal their location for a few seconds. One example of a way it can be used in situations is potentially where a room may have 2 entrance ways, and the traitor is able to cut off an escape at the most vital moment where the innocent must decide between turning and fighting or losing their vision temporarily.

Detective Menu Items:

Many of you have been asking for more detective items as the traitors have access to an abundance and we've been listening. Some of our latest additions will be listed down below.


This is an AK but instead of damaging, it heals. This is the slowest method of healing in the game aside from Point Shop Health Regen perks but you are able to gain ammo for the weapon causing it to have massive late game utility use.


This detective weapon allows a detective to mark a player and upon having their body identified by any player, their killer is revealed to the server. This should inspire traitors to hide the bodies of their victims or risk being found out.


A detective may mark 2 players to constantly keep track of them the entire map. This makes it easier for them to find a body with DNA easily as their mark will wear off as soon as the marked party perishes.


We are looking forward to continuing putting the efforts by the members of this community back into the content of this community. Over the past few months, we have kept up with our commitment towards custom content in making this community unique everywhere we can. This is in effect our mission statement to make the experience you have here unlike any other. This is why your suggestions in this board right here will go a long way in us reaching a type of TTT that's what we all love but is still in our own unique niche. We will be looking into expanding our Community nights which will be headed by @Yukes for the foreseeable future. This isn't only TTT but also our community.

And, we'd love to see you become a part of it!