12/01/2018 - ☆Winter of Wonders Week 1! Skins, Weapons, Advent Calendar, & More!


♡The Mom♡

This marks our first Winter of Wonders update! Many of you have likely already noticed the changes that blew in from the north, but I shall discus them anyway. I hope you are as excited about this update as we are!

So we have added in a new Pointshop category:

This is where we have added in the models that will be available for this month only. Because they are only available for a short time, they are only 1,000 points each.

We have already had quite a few appearances of Jesus, so be on the lookout for false prophets!

In addition to our seasonal skins, we have added two more permanent Pointshop skins!

Gabriel Logan and Ahri!

☆Advent Calendar
We have had to tweak our original advent calendar plans because the addon for the in game advent calendar is not working, but we have made another system!

These new discord channels are how we are going to get your advent calendar prizes to you! These prizes will range from points to in game items and even rares! But don't worry! You will have the chance to either buy or win all of the prizes given away here at a later date. All you have to do is look at the advent calendar channel every day from December 1st through December 24th to get a special code word. You then have to responded in advent responses with your in game name, Steam ID and that day's codeword to get your prize! As it says in the channel info, you must respond with that information before 12am pst/3am est to get that day's prize! So be sure to check it out!

We have added these maps for your enjoyment! Notice the winter theme!

gm_coldship ttt_lostwoods ttt_mk_whiteout ttt_weddingquake

nz_ttt_winter_v4 xmas_nipperhouse ttt_spotted ttt_starwars_b

ttt_icevault_a3 ttt_minecraft_b5c3 ttt_the_room_christmas xmas_lodge

zs_abandoned_mall_christmas ttt_nostalgiahouse_xmas ttt_mc_snow_v2

ttt_island_christmasnight ttt_67thway_v3_winter_b3f ttt_christmas_bowling_v1a

ttt_christmas_pool_v1d ttt_playing_with_portals

We have added the SG-552!

This is a DMR style weapon that adds a new element to the game! This was also the first gift from the advent calendar! But don't worry, if you missed it, it's available as a ground spawn and in the Pointshop! We have also added a new category in weapons making weapons available to those Regular rank and up! Check it out!

☆Christmas Trees

This addon is perfect for the holiday. Spawn positions can be chosen for Christmas trees on any map. The trees spawns with presents that you can pickup by clicking "E" on the presents. Be sure to check out the rewards these presents have!

☆T & D Shop Items
GMN TTT Snowball added to the T shop
TTT Impact Pistol added to the T shop
Spirit added to the T shop
Manhack removed from the T shop and added to the D shop

☆General Updates
Removed Breakable Doors & the Redeemer

Last But Not Least!
The November Giveaway Winners!
Congratulations to:
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Ah yes, we make a bootyful family!

I see a couple of maps that look hella rad.