11/13/2018 - Breakable Doors, Karma Protection, Auto-Reconnect & More


It's been almost 2 weeks since our last update.

This will be the first of our November updates.

As you can tell, we redesigned the main forum theme to blend more easily and to have the text be more readily visible.

We will begin this news thread by announcing the weekly contract winners of the last 2 weeks.

@Hentai Senpai won for the first week of November netting them 150,000 Points.

@Johnny won the 2nd week of November, netting them 150,000 Points as well!

General Changes:

- Awarn2 implemented to more easily help staff keep track of problem players.
- Players now are able to wait on an auto-reconnect screen that is displayed temporarily during a map change or following an unfortunate crash.
- Doors now break and fall off their hinges when attacked with any weapon.
- When a player attempts RDM, the defender will no longer lose Karma if the attacker loses their clean round bonus (they land any damage on you).
- Halloween Models Removed From the Point Shop.
- Homerun Bat Total Hits Increased from 3 to 4.
- Limb Damage multiplier Increased from 50% to 60%.

With all this, let us know how the new changes feel with any feedback you may have. Thank you!



:love: y'know what these changes are actually sick, especially awarn and karma protection. awesome job

Actually the Worst Player

Resident Stats Boi
Genuine question here, are we sure the limb modifier was 50%? IIRC the AWP would do ~22 on an arm shot, which is a lot less than 50% given it's 80 damage bodyshot. Cause if it wasn't 50% 60% is a massive change. The AWP will be doing 48 on armshots, the M4 will be doing 16-17 depending on rounding. TTK will go through the floor as everything becomes a laser. Interested to see how breakable doors play out as well.

Edit: Seems the actual value has gone from ~25%-~33% on armshots. Awp is now doing 26 (as compared to 80 body) and M4 is now doing 8 (as compared to 25 body).
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