10/11/2018 - The Second Week of Frightening October


We are now approaching our second weekend of this year's October.
One week closer to the spooky holiday of Halloween.

We introduce for this week's new Traitor Shop goodie...

"The Little Friend"

This Traitor Weapon was made by longtime staff team member @Morsus mihi .

It is, in essence, a much more destructive M249 archetype. While wielding it as a traitor, you will move at walking speed, but your lethal capabilities become fearsome, able to rip through the flesh and bones of any innocent which stands in your path.

Another Traitor Weapon addition is the Prop Cannon. With the Prop Cannon, players may clone prop killing capabilities by holding down right click waiting for the charge to complete and then killing with set prop by holding down left click again waiting for the said charge to complete. This weapon only truly shines on maps with the Metal Green Cabinets or the Large Wooden Bookshelves. This is a high utility item and is able to be used with Haunt without counting as an attack (which makes up for many of its shortcomings). This when not meant to be used as a meme, serves great utility due to its unlimited ammo when efficient props are provided by the map itself.

Halloween Player Model Additions:

New Map Additions:

- Added ttt_68thway_brownie_b

- Added ttt_equilibre

- Added ttt_lifetheroof_b2_fix2017

- Added ttt_nostalgiahouse_halloween

- Added ttt_sewers
- Added ttt_stone_v2
- Added ttt_theagency_b1

Stay tuned for further updates this October and thank you, everyone, for continuing to be here with all of us to celebrate this month of ghosts, ghouls, goblins, and other frightening sights!

Note: We did not forget about all them Warlocks, Witches, Werewolves, and Liches.