1/29/2019 - January 2019 Recap


As you all may have noticed, we have been updating across the month yet not announcing any changes in specific. What this thread will do is primarily encapsulate most if not many of the changes I am able to currently recall. With that said, read on below for the info.

List of general changes across the month:

- Advanced Sprays Added to replace the default spray system. This was done to give players the options to have multiple spray choices as well as discourage unranked trolls from spraying sprays that were against the rules that would waste the staff team's time. This new system has been added to help in the administration of sprays. This allows greater server security and less likelihood of abuse. Minimum rank to use was initially Nolife, then Addict, but was later changed to Regular rank.
- Default Deagle now matches Cobalt stats.
- Detective Symbol Added. Detectives are now easily visible by innocents due to having a global D symbol above their heads. This symbol does NOT travel through walls.
- Dragonlore (AWP) replaced by the Lightning (AWP) as the Dragonlore was a 44.2 MB download for players compared to the 7.21 MB or so for the Lightning we replaced it with. If you owned a Dragonlore, there is no action you have to perform on your end. The replacement was automatic and you now have a Lightning in your inventory.
- General performance is smoother now due to current add-ons performing less server strain.
- Ghost Rush (custom content made by @BlueBear ) is being tested on the server currently. If you encounter any bugs or have any suggestions, be sure to contact us so we are able to relay the information towards him.
- Default Glock now matches Water Elemental Stats.
- GmodLegs added. You are now able to look down at your character's legs in-game if you so wish. The default is cl_legs 1. 0 to disable.
- The Eagle Flight was removed due to the ability to exploit many of the maps on the server.
- Our Hit Registration system was updated to be more accurate.
- H.U.G.E. has a slight rate of fire increase as well as a slight recoil decrease. This is possibly the first of a few buffs to align this with other weapons of the server.
- M16 recoil slightly lowered by the amount of 0.2.
- Mac-10 changed from a primary to a secondary weapon. Its damage output has been slightly lowered but its rate of fire has been slightly increased.
- Muzzle flashes are now on the server. It had been about half a year since they broke, but we now have working muzzle flashes again.
- Scout now does 67 damage to the body. Headshots still kill in 1 hit.
- The Taurus Judge shotgun pistol was added as a secondary weapon. It randomly spawns around the map and can also be spawned with by donator ranks that choose to purchase it from the Point Shop using point shop points.
- The time it takes for the server to come back after a crash has been reduced by a total of 40 seconds. This is 40 fewer seconds you have to wait to rejoin in the instance of a crash that causes a restart.
- Total rounds per map have been lowered from 10 to 8. This will cause players to not have to sit on a single map for so long.

Map Changes:

"ttt_urban_ruins_v1", --NEW
"ttt_shifting_labyrinth", --NEW
"ttt_ntg_dragonisland_v5_fix", --NEW
"ttt_hedgemaze", --NEW
"ttt_black_mesa_east_2019", --NEW
"ttt_out_of_order", --NEW
"ttt_cargo", --NEW
"ttt_casualty", --NEW
"ttt_templo_f", --NEW
"ttt_city15", --NEW
"ttt_mc_pier_fix", --NEW
"ttt_reinhard_city", --NEW
"ttt_retreat_v1", --NEW
"ttt_ballern", --NEW
"ttt_burgdon", --NEW
"ttt_junction", --NEW
"ttt_happyhome", --NEW
"ttt_bb_suburbia_b3", --NEW
"ttt_submarine", --NEW

35 or so maps were removed from rotation. Many were Christmas maps but there were also non-Christmas maps taken as well. Any of the removed maps were voted on by the staff team at last week's weekly meeting to be removed.

T&D Shop Changes:

- Added Motion Detector for Traitors. A traitor may bind the motion detector to a barrel or a T trap with it going off if an innocent or detective enters the area.
- Added T Suitcase for Detectives. A detective will receive 1 random traitor item out of the traitor suitcase. This is a gamble but one that has the ability to really pay off.

We have further plans to rework the M16 away from its default roots to give it more of a unique purpose. There are also some other goodies in the works. Stay tuned!


is the m16 going to be still free in the shop as a starter gun for new peeps or do you guys not know yet?


is the m16 going to be still free in the shop as a starter gun for new peeps or do you guys not know yet?
It would stay a starter gun, it just wouldn't be so bland. It'd be a bit more unique feature-wise relative to the rest of guns on the server.


New member
Rip Eagle flight and i swear if Rust is gone, ima mass rdm when the staff ain't lookin'.

Other than that, I gotta say its pretty impressive that you guys were able to reduce the crash recovery time by 40 seconds and overall good work with all changes and new features. All we gotta do is revert chronos boots back to when they were first introduced so i can join the t's in their respected t rooms.