Broken Point Shop 2 Fix (for non-vanilla Client users)


Due to recent updates in Garry's Mod and the lack of recent support for Point Shop 2, there is currently an issue with Point Shop 2 (the !ps or f3 menu) being functional when running in Garry's Mod outside of its default form.

If you are opted into anything whatsoever on the Betas tab, this walk through is for you.

Step 1: Type !ps or hit f3 to open up the Point Shop.

Step 2: If your Point Shop is perfectly fine after this, then disregard this rest of the walk through. Otherwise follow the next image.

Note: If for whatever reason, you do not have a mouse cursor, hold the f2 key as you navigate to "My Settings" and possibly through the rest of the tutorial.

Step 3: Step 3 requires checking the "Lowend Mode" box and saving.

Step 4: Do as you are informed to do by the pop-up that appears to rejoin the server after you check the "Lowend Mode" box as well as hit the "Save" button highlighted in red.

An alternative way to fix this if having low end icons such as above bother you for whatever reason is simply opting out of any beta configurations you may currently be opted into. This walk through makes it possible to not have to do so.