Attention TTT Donators!

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♡The Mom♡
For newer donators that haven't contacted me: Please copy this, decide what you want, fill it out, and then paste it back to me or Nota in a Discord PM or a steam message.


Chat Tag & Color (please have the RGB color code):

Scoreboard Rank (tab menu) & Color (please have the RGB color code) :

Icon: Choose from this website:
Playermodel (if you donated for the $50 package):

Note: If your model has been removed from the server, this is either due to extended inactivity, it is broken (missing or glitchy hitboxes), it is too short, it is not humanoid enough, or the file size is too large. If this is the case, notify me immediately to have a replacement model put in ASAP.

You are encouraged to follow this format for model choices:

You may make a thread regarding multiple model choices in this board (from most preferred to least):
Not open for further replies.