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 SpaceCats Forum Rules 


No disrespecting/flaming/insulting/trolling of any players or any staff.
No flame baiting.
No racist comments.
No troll posting or spamming.
No posting of any other user's private info.
Do Not harass anyone.
Do Not derail discussions (go off-topic).
Do Not double-post. Edit your replies if no one has replied yet.
Do Not bump old threads unless you have something useful to add.
Do Not post in the report or appeal area unless you were there, are a staff member, or are involved.
Do Not post meme replies unless they pertain to the actual thread they're in.
Do Not misquote staff. Keep the entire context if you decide to quote a staff member.
Do Not ban evade. Your ban will be extended not only on the forums but in-game as well.
1. Make sure you put threads in the correct areas.
2. Search the forums before making a thread in case your question has already been answered.
3. Punishments may carry into game depending on the severity of what you did on the forums.
4. Treat everyone respectfully.
5. You may ask staff to close/delete/move any thread that you have created.
6. The forum rules may be changed at any time and may cause the removal of any thread.
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    Sep 13, 2018
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