4/29/2020 - ☆ April Update - Recent Change Recap


Hello, we here at SC★TTT are excited to announce a small update.

This thread is mainly to announce some recent map additions as well as some other small changes you may have missed.

It's been around a year since the forums have been used for an authentic news thread as the Discord #change-log is the general go to for update info. This time however, we've decided to switch things up just a slight bit.


"ttt_1_mil_modern" - This map has a mansion and a bathroom with a mirror. Visual proof of said mirror in the image down below.

"ttt_clearview_n" - The clock tower shown in the thread introduction image sums up the pinnacle visual of this map, it's a small neighborhood with various buildings. There's not much height play but a sufficient amount of cover which may be utilized by peaking the corners of the sides of buildings.

"ttt_mc_jomommasberg" - The image above is of a rooftop on this MC themed map. This map feels as if it was crossed with mine craft city but with much more of a focus on upper level building play. Don't fall into the lava chimney as shown in the image down below.

Other changes include small optimizations which will be listed in the text below.

Other Changes
  • F8 time rank add-on updated to be more optimized (Gtawards).
  • Hit registration script updated to be further optimized and more accurate.
  • Weapons that fire extremely fast such as the HUGE, Glock, or MAC-10 should now cause much less if any server lag.
  • For any changes recently that you've experienced and are not fully aware of, be sure to check out the history of the #change-log channel on the SC Discord.

☆ As always, with any errors or issues you may encounter on the server,
☆ please first consult the following link listed down below
☆ before doing a PM towards a member of Advisement or
☆ utilizing the #support-main channel in the Discord.