4/24/2019 - ☆ Post-Easter Update - Monthly Recap


Hello, we here at SC★TTT hope you all have had a great holiday this month.

This thread is mainly to announce some recent changes.

Start Here section created tailored to brand new players. This section will contain low priced models and free weapons players without points are able to start off with.


The guns that had been on the server for months are in this section as well for ease of optics.

Other changes include additional fields to the staff application format, the removal of content that caused bloat & other performance issues with little benefit, as well as small tweaks to existing content.

Other Changes

Useful Commands renamed to "Helpful Information & Useful Commands".
"Brand New or Something Broken?" added to the top of the drop down.

Nuclear Power Map Rule Added.
Site 20 Map Rule Added.

New Taunt Added. @Scout

First Blood & Final Blood Prefixes turned red to standout more easily.

Special Round Prefix turned Green to standout more easily.

Spectator Mode Prefix turned Yellow to standout more easily.

Zombie Armor alert modified to be more obvious.

Detective Ball alert modified to be more obvious.

Idle and Spectator Options reworded to easily make more sense to newer players.

Some call outs color coded to be more obvious to players.

In general fliers are now prefixed and the text is uniform to cause less of a messy appearance.

☆ As always, with any errors or issues you may encounter on the server,
☆ please first consult the following link listed down below
☆ before doing a PM towards a member of Advisement or
☆ utilizing the #support-main channel in the Discord.