11/25/2018 - ☆New New New!☆ Player Models, Weapons, Maps, T & D Shop Items, & More!


♡The Mom♡
Good Evening!
This weekend marks our 3rd and last November Update. Our next update will start off our Winter Wonders updates! But more on those later, we have some cool updates to share with you all!

☆New Weapons!☆

The first of two weapons we'd like to announce is the Honeybadger! This gun fires a little slower and deals a little more damage than your standard MAC10, but most importantly makes less noise! This weapon was made possible by our very own @Dime who not only separated this weapon from a large weapon pack, but made the amazing artwork you see above too!

The second weapon we'd like to announce is the 1873 Winchester! Winchester rifles were among the earliest repeaters. The Model 1873 was particularly successful, being known as "The Gun that Won the West"! We hope you enjoy playing with it as much as we do! Again, thank you to @Dime for making the artwork for this weapon!

☆New Player Models!☆
We have added in a couple new player models to the PointShop! These models are available to all players!

James Bond

Ashe from League of Legends

☆New Maps!☆
We are very excited to see how you all handle some of the special features on some of these maps!










☆New T & D Shop Items!☆
Added DNA Swapper ( <- Recomended by @Oni Senpai!) , Detective Lure, Melon Mine, Flying Pigeon Bomb, Melon Launcher, and Controllable Manhack for Traitors
Replaced Bear Trap with Welcome Mat for Traitors
Added Jump Gun and Blink (<- Removed because it caused crashing) For Detectives

☆Misc. Changes!☆

Added in Use Pickup! Tired of walking over a bunch of weapons until you pickup the one you want? This addon lets you pickup instantly the one you want using your "+use" key like in CS:GO and other games. This addon also shows you the stats of the ground weapon vs your equipped weapon. We think you'll enjoy this one!

Stay tuned for our Winter of Wonders updates! Coming December 1st!