10/31/2018 - ☆Happy Halloween!

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Today marks this year's Halloween!

Happy Halloween!

To start off this Halloween, we will be announcing the first 2 completionists of the 100 Contract Challenge.

Both completionists will receive the Contract Smoke! It is a completely Black Colored Smoke Grenade.

Anyone else to complete the 100 challenge in 1 week will also receive one during any week they do so.

As of now, this item is unable to be traded.

Congratulations to @Kira & @Hentai Senpai !

@Hentai Senpai will receive 200,000 Points and 2 Traitor Passes.
@Kira will receive 100,000 Points and 2 Traitor Passes.

Detective Karma minimum changed from 600 to 900. This will make players that RDM less likely to be chosen as a detective.
☆ The Freeze Gun is now 2 credits for Detectives. This discourages abuse and rewards good detectives with it if they so desire it.
☆ M4A1-S Added to Non-Donator Shop to give non-donators a strong M4 option they are able to spawn with.
☆ Rupture will no longer instantly kill. It will leave the victim with at least 4 health remaining at the end of any rupture.
☆ Pocket Rifle Added to TTT God Shop for those that have climbed up to TTT God rank.
☆ Rounds Per Map increased from 8 to 10.
☆ Donator Traitor + Detective Boosts removed.
☆ 1.5x Jump Power Boost added for 25,000 Point Shop Points.
☆ Traitor Passes can now only be used once every 15 minutes per player.
☆ Drops are now delayed until End Round to cause less lag during actual In Round gameplay.
☆ Nova Koi Special Round removed for now as it conflicts with the Halloween Miku Skin.
☆ Fall Damage Reduction price raised from 5000 to 10000.
☆ Traitor Pass Price decreased from 30000 to 25000 to give newer players a chance to use it.
☆ Contract Smoke added given only to those who can achieve 100 Contract Completions in a single week.
☆ Scoreboard (TAB menu) bar now fades between Blue and Pink.
Junk Boxes removed to improve server FPS.

☆ Halloween Smoke added being given to anyone that replies to this thread saying "Happy Halloween" between now and 6:00 AM EST The morning of November 1st.

Note: If you miss the Halloween Smoke or any other Holiday-Only items, there will eventually be a Collector's Crate that will be expensive point shop pointwise or else you could trade and barter with other players to receive such items.

Everyone, thank you so much for continuing to support the community through thick, thin, and everything. We highly look forward to spending the rest of our upcoming holidays with you, today our 2nd Halloween, as well as this upcoming month & the Winter Holidays.

For anyone going out trick or treating or to any parties tonight, stay safe, and we hope you have a blast!

Beware of any Black Cats crossing your path!


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Happy Halloween! You're all so lovely! :giggle:
Remember to stay safe and dont do anything too wild if you're partying or going trick or treating!

Loving those sick updates, Notarboat!


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Yeetus Deletus Halloweenus

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